I am Petr (Peter) Doudera.
I was first licensed in 1971 as OL1API, with a 160m CW only licence. I got full licence in 1975 as OK1DKW at the age of 19 and operated mostly on the lower HF bands with home built equipment.
I finally became OK1CZ in 1987. My other calls are OL0A (contest call) and AA1TR (US).

CW is my favourite mode. I am active on all the HF and VHF bands, but 160m and 6m are my favourite bands.
I like operating as well as the technical side of the hobby, old radios and morse keys.
In the earlier days I used to construct my own equipment, now due to lack of time I only undertake small projects and antenna experiments.
In the 1980s I was involved in VHF/UHF contesting and EME operating from the club station OK1KIR. I have been out of the EME game for years but planning to build my own EME station for 2m and 70cm.

I am a founder of the OK QRP Club and in the 80s I was very active on QRP, having worked nearly 200 DXCC countries with 5W. I am not a hardboiled fanatic QRPer though, my motto is "always use just a reasonable power". Under proper conditions the reasonable power can be QRPP down to milliwatt level, it can be 100W for DX, or it can be a kilowatt for EME or 160m DX.
I like trying new things so time permitting you may find me on QRQ CW as well as digital modes, 160m DXing or QRPP experiments, VHF, MS, DXpeditioning and HF contesting, designing and building LF antennas, operating historic equipment as well as SDR RIGs, playing with computer control, remote stations and who knows what next.

Having worked in the avionics and telecommunications industries I now run my own radio business DD Amtek